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We have been making some major changes at our farm in the past six months.  Downsizing, getting out of breeding ourselves, and getting back to the basics of enjoying the horses we own and being able to start to spending more time with each horse.  I am so blessed that I was able to have a breeding facility at our stable for the past eight years.  I have truly loved every moment of raising young friesian sport horse foals.  However, I also believe there is a time for everything and after our life altering event last year it is my time to concentrate on getting back to the basics rather than spreading my self too thin – my family, only a few horses, becoming debt free (part of the reason we opened our Etsy store), and enjoying each day to the fullest.

Everyone would agree that my husband’s cardiac arrest last spring was a life changing event. It quickly put into perspective how fragile and important life really is.  Sometimes we get so concentrated on the little things that we loose sight of the big picture.  We are extremely blessed with his outcome and how much it brought our family, friends, and loved ones together.  However, it also brought to light for me how much time, monies, and efforts our breeding took.  So after he was fully recovered we did some long, hard thinking and we opted to start to downsize our farm.  We were extremely fortunate to sell both of our 2015 friesian sport horse foals to two awesome women (thanks Elizabeth and Ramona).   Neo and Addy are both now in their respective homes and we enjoy the updates on how they are maturing into awesome friesian sport horse prospects.  We were also able to place one of our broodmares with a great family who adore her (thanks Jamee & Alexis) who are getting her back into a riding career.

Currently,  we are offering for sale our 2009 friesian sport horse mare, Amira.  She is at the trainers facility and is coming along nicely.  We will have video of her in mid-late February.  Additionally, as difficult as it is, our friesian stallion, Pieter K. P. is also on the market (to the perfect home only). Pieter is a dream to own and we are very fortunate to be his owners.  He will also be going back into training this spring after having some time off from our crazy schedules.  Once we have these two horses placed into excellent homes, we will be staying at a few horses total on the farm while we enjoy traveling more, our farm, and life.  The show ring and other horse events may call us again in the future, but for now we are just enjoying the fact that we have such great horses, friends, family, jobs, and our home and stable.

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Our 2015 colt (Neo) and filly (Adalyn) have already been sold and are growing up and learning how to lead, pick up their feet, and become nice young horses already.  They are sun bleaching with the recent nice weather we have had and starting to “molt” by loosing their baby fuzz.  Enjoy some pictures of them growing up!

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  • Bruce johnston - I am sorry that you have decided to stop breeding horses for now but maybe it is for the best- we are all finding out how important family is right now and I hope all goes well for you and Matt… Love BruceReplyCancel

Three months ago I got a call that my healthy, fit husband had collapsed and was not breathing after running many miles on a treadmill as he had for the past few years.  I soon found out that he was experiencing a cardiac arrest event (an electrical issue that can happen in the heart), more lethal than a heart attack.  We are blessed he got CPR, appropriate shocks, and medical treatment within minutes of the arrest.  He has made a great recovery.  However, this event put into perspective how fleeting life can be, how important family truly is, and the time and labor commitment of up-keeping a small breeding stable.

We have loved breeding friesian crosses since 2008, but this event put a few things in perspective for us.  We have thought long and hard about this decision and although we will continue to have equine partners, however we are downsizing and getting out of breeding for the time being.  We are not closing that door permanently and will take it one year at a time.   It is a very difficult decision for us and we are not taking it lightly.  We are grateful to have already found both of our 2015 foals excellent homes.  We may also be looking for great homes for our 2009 friesian sport horse mare and our 2005 friesian stallion, Pieter.   Please contact us if you have interest in either one of these horses.  Our priority is that our horses have great homes where they will get the care, training, and attention they deserve.

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Serenity Acres Endeavor is a 2015 friesian sport horse colt.  He is half friesian and half draft cross.  His dam is a large percheron/thoroughbred mare and his sire is our stallion, Pieter K. P.  Endeavor also known as “Neo” around the barn is well put together and quite the looker already.  Enjoy the short video clips of him at one week old.




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